RECORDINGS: Early Childhood Bundle

NMT Case-Based Trainings are clinical case discussions led by Dr. Bruce Perry. The focus of each session is case presentation and discussion in which NMT principles and the web-based NMT Clinical Practice Tools are used.

This package contains 7 recordings of live sessions: an introductory recording and 6 case sessions; each recording is approximately 90 minutes in length and can be stopped and started at your convenience. Recording links do not expire. Materials including a case abstract and NMT Metric report are included for each of the 6 cases.

Recordings in the Early Childhood Bundle:

Introduction to the NMT

Case 1: Kiki age 1

Case 2: Evan age 3

Case 3: AJ age 4

Case 4: Keaton age 5

Case 5: Ryan age 4

Case 6: Timothy age 2

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