2016 Therapeutic Interv. - Group Live WITH Recordings

Each group wishing to participate LIVE in the series should be prepared to assemble in a single room with a single computer/LCD projector and a single phone connection to be used with a speaker phone. Each additional location (with up to 25 persons at each site) must be purchased separately.

Agreement for Participation:

Our group understands that case content discussed and distributed is confidential and is only provided as part of the NMT training experience. We also understand that content provided about the NMT Clinical Practice Tools, Report and Functional Brain Map are subject to Copyright and may not be copied, adapted, redistributed or distributed beyond their immediate clinical team or used in any way without specific, written permission by The ChildTrauma Academy. We understand that the live sessions will be recorded and distributed by CTA for educational purposes. Our group subscription purchase acknowledges this understanding and indicates that all participants in our group accept the conditions as described herein.